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Apps Templates

Book App: Create Your Book Into An App!

Book To App Creation Process!

1. Word/Book Document

We take Word or Document and parse out the content.

2. MyAppBuilder Backend

We take the Content from Word or Document and put it into MyAppBuilder Backend. We divide the Book into Chapters and Pages. (Book can be modified at anytime!)

3. Load Content Into App

We configure Native App with API Key. Make sure the app content loads and ingest into the App!

4. Customize App

Test and Customize the App! We make sure app is functioning as needed, that the required elements are working

5. Send Demo and Submit To App Stores!

After testing internally we send copy to client for testing. Once client gives the go ahead than we upload to App Store!

Book App


One Platform to Publish Your Book on iPhone, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook,  Android & Windows 8!






  • Update Book Content Instantly with MyAppBuilder Platform
  • Bookmark
  • Book Discussions
  • Social Networks
  • Play Videos
  • Play Audio
  • Adjust Font Size
  • Content Added By Chapters and Pages
  • User Registration/Logins
  • Serial Number for Content Delivery
  • Live Book! Engage users with ability to have a book that is updated with live updates!


Do It Yourself: Free to $29 (Monthly)
$299 - We Add Content & Create App!
$499 Create Your eBook + Book as an App!

Convert To ePub! We provide services to help you publish your book in Popular ePub format and submit to Various eBookStores! We have done over 400+ Books in ePub and have had several top 20 Books on the iBookStore!



Our ePublishing Services includes ISBN which is Required by Most of the popular eBookStores !

$99 Value!



We have added over 400 Books to iBookStore.

We Publish to Google Play BookStore.


We publish on Amazon Kindle BookStore!

$299 We Create Your eBook
$499 Create Your eBook + Book as an App!

Book App & ePub FAQ’s

How Long Does It Take to Convert My Book Into an App?

Typically it Takes between 2-4 Weeks!

How Long Does It Take to Convert My Book Into an ePub?

Typically it Takes between 2-4 Weeks!

Whats the Difference between an App & eBook?

App’s are customizable and can be programmed to bring in multiple elements. Let’s say you created “Survival Guide” Book. App allows you to program in other elements with the Book, like GPS, Flashlight, Compass, Morse Code,etc.

Books have ability to bring in Video, Audio and Some Animation. Primarily books are done on Standard format either ePub or PDF.

For Book Apps Do I Need App Store Account?

App Store accounts are not required. While our support includes submitting to App Stores. You can have your readers use our Apps on App Stores and retrieve the book using our Serial Number Technology!

How does your Serial Numbers Work?

We designed Serial Numbers for Content Delivery system. This allows you to sale your book on your website or store and have the digital content (Book) Delivered in the App!

Serial Numbers can instantly be generated through our API’s or you can create a Serial Number in the MyAppBuilder Control Panel. Serial Numbers can optional be linked to App Subscribers!

I am a Publisher and Looking to Have Several Books Published. Do you Offer Bulk Discount Rates?

Yes. Bulk Rates are Possible. Please Contact Us. Please Explain how many books you would like done as well if you would like both Book as App and ePub services .

What Kind Of Content Can I Include?

ePub Format: We can include any content that ePub format standard can handle.

Book App:  Books can built on top of another app or customized to bring in unique content. Apps by standard support: Audio, Video, Images, RSS, HTML and most standard html elements.

Can I Publish My Book For Free?

Yes! You can publish your book for free as an App on our MyAppBuilder Platform.

Includes the Following: Standard App Template, Up to 50 Free Downloads

Does Not Include: Tech Support, Book App Template, Tech Support

If you Build App for Me Do I Have to Pay a Monthly Fee?

No. Our Price includes up to 10,000 App Downloads. It also has limited features and does not include push notifications and some other premium features.

Yes- If your book surpasses 10,000 App Downloads than we charge $9 a month for up to 1,000 app downloads a Month. If you surpass 1,000 app downloads you can go with a higher plan ($29 a month gives you Unlimited Downloads)

Does MyAppBuilder collect a Royalty on my Book?


MyAppBuilder just charges a one time fee for publishing for Book To App and ePub.

Monthly Fee. Some books may require a monthly hosting fee based on downloads and features.


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    Money Back Guarantee!

    Uncategorized offers a *30 Day Money Back Guarantee! You may cancel and get a refund any time within the first thirty days of sign up,