Build My Own – With Tech Support!

Build My Own – With Tech Support!


Build My Own is fast and affordable way to getting your app done!

Build My Own With Tech Support

Build My Own With Tech Support is very cost effective in using our App Platform to create great apps within a few hours that have primary purpose in displaying great content and information.
Tech Support (Email,Skype)
iPhone/iOS Apps
Android Apps
HTML5 Apps Varies
(Included) We Help Get Your First 2 Apps Done!
Hourly Rate for Custom Programming $35
*30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Downgrade/Upgrade MyAppBuilder Plans

Our objective is to create great Apps for our clients at a Great Price! We want repeat business and strive for customer satisfaction. If the plan you choose is not within the scope of the app we will happily downgrade or upgrade your plan and apply credits to the new plan if applicable!


Fast and Affordable way to create an app!  Template Framework which supports lots of different content types. Ideal for small custom program add on’s and modules


Template Framework (great for content apps), scope of the app is limited to the framework and modules


Cost: Great Value! Only $29 A Month

Turn Around Time: 3 Hours - 30 Days

Flexible: Add Ons Available, Custom Code $35 Hour!

Code: Content Type Apps. Template Framework

Support: Basic Support (Ticket & Skype)

Build My Own can be used for these industries










Cafe’s & Resturaunts
















Focus on Primary Task

We are with you 110% on getting
your App Done! (Keep Scrolling)

What comes with the Build My Own Plan


Features included with Build My Own Plan!

build Folder 16px Source Code: App Includes Source Code!
chat 16px Tech Support: We are here to help you get your App Done!
iphones 16px Cross Platform: App Works with Android & iOS!
HTML 16px Live App: App Checks for Latest version of App and then will download the XML file and ingest to the App. Allow for live changes involving data without the need to resubmit binaries to app stores!
mail notification 16px Push Notifications: Send Push Notifications to the Apps
shopping 16pxIn App Purchase

Build My Own – 110% Support

After Sign Up, Submit Your App Details

0% complete

Starting Add your Data into the Build My Own Backend

10% complete

If you need help adding data we are here to help and provide support!

20% complete

Make sure all back end settings are in place and app details are configured

50% complete

Download App SDK and Run in Device or Simulator

70% complete

Check Final Configurations in App Source Code

80% complete

Submit to App Store

90% complete

Based on App Store approval once your app goes live you are now in business!

100% complete

Provide Tech Support on help getting your first 2 Apps done!

110% complete