Development Packages !

We offer Development Packages for Streamlined App Development!

Why do you offer development packages?

For Development that is less then $10,000 we offer Development Packages. We do this to help streamline app development and to provide necessary resources to develop the app within the scope, form, function and flow requested by the client.

How is this different from a quote?

Because of the nature and time and resources that a custom quote is required this allows us to focus on the general scope of the app. Ideally for clients who want to choose a pre-existing app and have it modified or to choose template and build the app within the form, function and flow of template and wire frames. In General if a client is very particular about function and needs custom design and custom features they will need to get a quote. We charge $1,000 for quotes. If you use our development services we will discount the project a $1,000.

How long does App take to complete?

Most clients like to have their app done yesterday. We like to streamline the app development process. We would prefer to have the app done yesterday as well but depending on the App Requirements, Client Communication and other factors turn around time is typically 2-12 weeks from start to finish.

What is included with App Development Packages?

We include the features/support listed below. Please see package pricing for specific breakdown of particular services for each package.

Development Packages

We offer development packages for Jobs that are less then $10,000 in scope. We have done hundreds of apps and we work to get app done quickly and effectively. Below is the basic features that we offer. We are able to streamline the process by providing the service and support below in the right fashion.

Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager to help assist in coordinating project.

Project Manager

Project Manager with good understanding of the technical requirements needed to get your app done. Project manager will coordinate with Clients, Developer,Account Manager,Quality Assurance, Designers to make sure that project is going as needed!


Experienced Developer(s) will be assigned to your project. Developer will communicate with Project Manager and bring in any direct communication with client when needed.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is provided with every project. We go through finding bugs and making sure quality is there as needed.

Wire Frames/Flow Charts

When project starts we send wireframes and flow of the app to the client to clarify and cofirm flow and scope of the project.

Template Design

Development packages are geared for development first and design second. We use template design to help streamline the development process and give client a well agreed to design and form they are expecting.

120 Day Bug Fixes

After "Final Release" we offer free bug fixes for 120 days after the project has been released.

App Delivery

Development Packages are geared to get the project done as quickly as possible. Our goal is to have most projects done between two to twelve weeks depending on tech requirements, client communication and other factors.

Source Code

On Final Release we provide the client with Full copyright to the client and when applicable Royalty Free licensed code.

Easy to Install App Demo

We send App Demos that client can easily install on their device or can easily run in a browser.


We do a beta release, after the client approves the beta release we do a final release. To help streamline and provide direct results we offer clients up to two (2) revisions for each release.

Installed and Set Up

On Final Release we help the Client get the App(s) installed and uploaded to the Appropriate App stores. Web Apps we will install on correct server or cloud service(s).


$ 3
,995 Dollars
1 App 1 Platform Choose: (iOS,Android,Windows,PHP) 40 Developer Hours 10 Quality Assurance Hours 7.5 Graphic Artist Hours 7.5 Project Manager Hours


$ 5
,995 Dollars
1 App 2 Platform Choose: (iOS,Android,Windows,PHP) 100 Developer Hours 20 Quality Assurance Hours 10 Graphic Artist Hours 10 Project Manager Hours


$ 7
,995 Dollars
1 App 3 Platform(s) Choose: (iOS,Android,Windows,PHP) 150 Developer Hours 30 Quality Assurance Hours 20 Graphic Artist Hours 20 Project Manager Hours

Bells & Whistles

$ 9
,995 Dollars
1 App 4 Platform Choose: (iOS,Android,Windows,PHP) 200 Developer Hours 40 Quality Assurance Hours 30 Graphic Artist Hours 30 Project Manager Hours

Streamlined process for creating apps

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