How to Create App !

Make changes directly in the App

How to get started Creating Apps

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You will need a account to make changes to the app. Join

Download From App Store

Download from AppStore

You can make changes to pre-existing template apps directly in the app. Most of these can be done on the demo app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To get started just download the app from the app store by clicking on the AppStore buttons similar to below.

Latest Standards

Login To App

Login to the App with your MyAppBuilder Username and Password. Login Button is under the Menu Icon. Menu Icon is typically in the (top corner) Right or Left Hand Corner of the App.

Plenty of Options

Front End Builder

Once logged in you can make changes directly in the Front End. See the changes as you make them. Changes are saved to your MyAppBuilder Profile for that app. Learn More About Front End Builder.

Easier Conversion

Download Source Code

NoticeThis step is for advance users who are familiar with coding and programming. We recommend our managed services going forward if you are not famiiar with computer code and terminology.

Endless Possibilities

Deploy App using Developer Tools

NoticeDeploying code and working with IDE (integrated development environment) is for users that are comfortable working with code and userstand development evnviroments. We recommend a managed plan to help with deploying apps and submitting to app stores.

Implement These Services Into The App

App Wall
File Storage
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