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Send & Receive Email, SMS and User Messages!

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Quickly navigate to messages with our intuitive Inbox and have ability to search messages!

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Send and Receive Text Messages, Email and User Messages!

Latest Standards

Send Messages

When sending a new message there is a very easy to use Send Dialog. When replying to a conversation is very easy, similar to using SMS on Smartphone. Reply box and ability to add attatchments are at your fingertips!

Plenty of Options

Your Business Needs our Messaging App!

We include Source code to our Messaging App making it easy for you to cusomize app to your needs! Easily access our App platform with our API!

Easier Conversion

Messages App

Check out Messages App Services and Features!

Endless Possibilities

No Limits Here, Sir!

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What is MyAppBuilder Message Service?

MyAppBuilder uses Cloud-based messaging service that allow users to send and receive email messages, text messages and user messages.

Customize Message App/Service For Your Needs

MyAppBuilders vision for creating a Cloud Platform continues with Messaging App/Service. MyAppBuilder has created easy to access Messaging App. We release the app as Open Source and give our customers full access to the app and service. We know that each company has their own specific needs on implmenting Messaging Service. MyAppBuilder approach allows customers to customize and create their own Messaging app if they need or by default they can use our easy to use iOS, Android and WebApp.

Message App Features

Email Messages

Send and Receive Email Messages.

SMS Messages

Send and Receive SMS Messages

User Messages

Send and Receive messages to users on the MAB platform and within the scope of your app!


We approach messaging as grouping the messages in Conversation view. The newest conversations are loaded on the top. When you select a conversation you can scroll through the entire message thread.

Cloud Based

Messages are stored on the Cloud. Can be accessed on multiple devices

Customize Code

Easily customize code. We release app with Open Source license that allows custom development and features.

iPhone & ANdroid App

Download our Free iPhone & Android App. Access messsages on mobile apps. Simple and intuitive design makes it easy to use.

Browser Based

Send and Recieve messages on a Browser

Template Design

App Design is template based. We use custom design elements and well as standerizing the design using the Iconic Framework. Easily modify and customize design.

Share Files

Easily Share your Files with Others. We generate Tiny URL that can easily use to share your files with others

No Coding/No Databases To Deal With

No Coding Necessary to Get App Up and Working. App Does not require any Databases or Special Services to Work. App Uses simple API calls to the MyAppBuilder Cloud.

URL Shortner

Use MyAppBuilders Default URL Shortner or bring your own domain and poit to our URL Shortner.

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We are currently Developing and Testing Messages App.

Implement These Services Into The App

App Wall
File Storage
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