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Add Multiple Agent(s)/Broker(s)

Add Multiple Agents and Brokers into a Single App. App supports adding each agent or broker as it's own individual app. Great way to organize by Brokers and Agents!

Top-notch Code

Simple CRM

Quickly add potential buyers information into the app. Each listing you can add multiple interested buyers.

Latest Standards

Real Estate Info

Quickly add Real Estate Details into the Application! Add Multiple Images and Multiple contacts.

Customize our File Sharing App!

Create and Customize

Tailor the app to your needs! App/Service is a simple solution to implement Mobile, Desktoop into a Single App!

Easier Conversion

Your Business Needs, our File Sharing App/Service!

MyAppBuilder File Sharing App/Service!

Endless Possibilities

No Limits Here, Sir!

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How does the Application Process Work?

MyAppBuilder has been a leader in Mobile App Developement and Cloud based apps. We have developed our Real Estate App designed to be easy to add/edit listings. For perspective clients interested in looking for Real Estate they will find the app easy to navigate and use!

Your Real Estate Listings, our App!

MyAppBuilders vision for creating a Cloud Platform continues with Real Estate App. MyAppBuilder has created intuitive and easy to use Real Estate App. We release the app as Open Source and give our customers full access to the app and service. We know that each Real Estate Brokerage/Agent has their own specific needs on implmenting a real estate app. MyAppBuilder approach allows customers to customize and create their own book reader app if they need or by default they can use our easy to use iOS, Android and WebApp.

Real Estate App Features

List Multiple Agents

App List Multiple Agents and Properties can have Multiple Agents listed on them as well

Supports Multiple Brokers

App Supports Multiple Broker Listings. Easily organized to see properties under a brokerage. Ideal for Multiple Listing Services

Customize Code

Easily customize code. We release app with Open Source license that allows custom development and features.

Front End Builder

Add New Listings and Modify Listings using our Front End Builder. Let's you edit directly on the app and immediatly see how the design changes will look.

Cross Platform

Once you Add a Listing it works Immediatly on iOS, Android and Web Apps.

Template Design

Design is template based. We use custom design elements and well as standerizing the design using the Iconic Framework. Easily modify and customize design.

Import Data

With API Calls you can Import Data into the App for Seamless intergration.

Export Data

API calls allows you to Export Property Listings and have ability to post content to other services


Listings are Simple to Follow allowing for Potential Clients to quickly see property listings in a simple and intuitive manner with contact information easily at their finger tips. No Clumsey or Bulky menus to deal with. Content gets straight to the point!

Share Listings with Social Media

Easily share listings and content with Social Media. Configure Website to share content with!

No Coding/No Databases To Deal With

No Coding Necessary to Get App Up and Working. App Does not require any Databases or Special Services to Work. App Uses simple API calls to the MyAppBuilder Cloud.

Communicate with Client

Multiple ways to set up Communication potential client, including SMS, App Wall, Email

Implement These Services Into The App

App Wall
File Storage
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