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MyAppBuilder Network consist of Freelance Developers with expertise with: iOS (iPhone), Android, HTML5 (Web Apps), WordPress and Other CMS, Cross Development Apps, PHP, Ruby, Database, HTML, Graphic Design, eBooks (ePub, PDF) and many more languages, technologies and platforms!

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"I have overseen hundreds of Apps/Projects. Having the right strategy, philosophy and road map often times will be the difference between success and failure. I offer a free consultation to anyone looking to launch a new project or needing help with a pre-existing project! @MyAppBuilder. "

IT Support

Get IT Support Freelancers: Project Management, Data Entry, Quality Assurance, Copywriting and Research.

Verified Developers

Our Verified Developers are Ninjas, Gurus, Rock-Stars when it comes to developing a project. We only work on projects that we know and understand the technology and programming languages to make it a success.

Some of the languages and technologies we have worked with: iOS, Android, Objective C, Swift, xCode, Java, C++, Ruby, Rails, PHP, SQL (SQLite,MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server), Python, .NET, Javascript, CSS, Unity 3D, Corona SDK (2D Games).

Get Your App Done!

MyAppBuilder Developers have developed thousands of Apps across almost every category and genre on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Developed Book Apps, Reference, Music, Medical Apps, 2D Games, 3D Games, eReaders. In addition we have done HTML5 Apps that are cross platform working on iOS, Android and the Web.

Project Done!

Choosing the Right Developers and Development Team is essential to getting your project done. Having the right development philosophy and practices also helps with avoiding unnecessary features, redundant code, loss time and unnecessary cost. Doing so takes discipline and following the right philosophies and paths. A few of the mantras that we preach in the MyAppBuilder Network.

"Measure Twice, Cut Once", "Done is better than perfect", "Early and often communication", "Release software (apps) early and release software (apps) often".

As you join us on your quest to having your project completed you will see why we believe in these mantras and live by them. The success of completing your project is dependent on them.

Featured Developers

Find Developers, Designers & Professionals on the MyAppBuilder Network.



App Development: Native iOS & Android development, PhoneGap Cordova & Cross Platform
Web Development: HTML5, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Yii 2.


ERP,CRM and Mobile apps


Mobile App Development


Specialties : Startup App & Web development, E-commerce development, Web development, Native and Hybrid app development, Custom Web Development, AWS etc.


Enterprise Mobility | Internet Of Things | Big Data | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Cloud Integration


Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer.
Seasoned web developer capable of managing technology projects from concept to completion with remarkable deadline sensitivity.


Manish Patel is the Founder & Director of TatvaSoft. Under his watch they have completed: 1600+ projects with 700+ SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. Manish is happy to discuss new business opportunities.


UX / UI for Web / Mobile Apps / Project Management

Why Choose a Verified a Developer on the Network?

MyAppBuilder Standards for Verified Developers 

  • Developer and Designers adhere to the MyAppBuilder standers for Development and Design.
  • Communication: Developers and Designers speak English. We believe in clear concise communication.
  • Frequent Updates: Freelancers participate in the “Release Early, Release Often” Development Cycle. This allows the client to see progress faster and provides critical feedback to the developer and development team.
  • Intuitive App Development: A key mantra for a developer to be part of the MyAppBuilder Network is to adhere to Intuitive App Development. Focus on the critical aspects of the app to elevate the user experience and provide a smooth process. This also saves time and money for the client avoiding necessary settings, features and menus.
  • Proven Developers: MyAppBuilder network consist of Freelance developers who have been vetted and proven to get task done. Developers will only take on task that are within their realms of expertise and skills.

Our Code for Coding!

Great Programmers are great at being "Available" the key to this is readily available on SKYPE, FaceBook, Hangouts, WhatsApp or Other Instant Messaging Programs. Ready To Communication. While the Hours are not as important and consistently being available online at least 8-10 hours a day M-F.
Great programmers never accept things “as is”; they need to poke deep inside something, even when it appears to be working fine, to learn more. This is how many problems are solved before they are problems, and it’s usually the quickest way to fix acute issues. A programmer without this mentality will usually end up lacking the knowledge underlying why they are doing what they are doing, which means they’re working with blinders on.
Clear Thinking Skills
It may sound obvious, but programming is an exercise in logic. People who can add 2 and 2 to get 4 are common, but people who can take “2 + x = 4″ and figure out that “x” is equal to 2 are much less common. MyAppBuilder programmers have strong math and/or science backgrounds. It makes them a bit better at programming, but more important, it generally indicates good logic skills.
Attention to Detail
Attention to detail is a close cousin to curiosity. A programmer who pays attention to detail will be significantly more productive than one who doesn’t, all else being equal.
Passion is a “make or break” during crunch time or on a project that requires tricky techniques, rare skills, and so on. Developers must be passionate about programming. We also ask Developer to take on Apps/Projects that they can be passionate about!
The scope or work within an App is constantly changing. Developer is able to be adaptable to the changes as well as offer solutions to help with the change!

Ninja Skills!

Some of the Languages, Platforms and Technologies we work with

Developer Showcase

Some Apps that our Developers have done.