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MyAppBuilder Development as a Subscription includes:
Dedicated project manager
starting at $495 a Month!

All inclusive development service includes the ability to have development for: iOS (iPhone), Android, HTML5 (Web Apps), WordPress and Other CMS, Cross Development Apps, PHP, Ruby, Database, HTML, Graphic Design, eBooks (ePub, PDF) and many more languages, technologies and platforms!

Development as a Subscription

Features Included




Experienced Developer(s) will be assigned to your project. Developer will communicate with Project Manager and bring in any direct communication with client when needed.


Graphic Artist to help create, modify digital assets needed for a project.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is provided with every project. We go through finding bugs and making sure quality is there as needed.

Wire Frames/Flow Chart

When project starts we send wireframes and flow of the app to the client to clarify and confirm flow and scope of the project.

Template Design

Development as a Subscription is geared for development first and design second. We use template design to help streamline the development process and give client a well agreed to design and form they are expecting.

Bug Fixes

We offer free bug fixes for all active subscribers.

Royalty Free

MyAppBuilder Provides a Royalty Free License for Apps, Templates and Design that MyAppBuilder has created.(Other libraries and code may have their own licensing requirments)

Source Code

On Final Release we provide the client with Full Source Code.

App Demo

We send App Demos that client can easily install on their device or can easily run in a browser.


We do a beta release, after the client approves the beta release we do a final release. To help streamline and provide direct results we offer unlimited revisions to clients with an active subscription.

Installed and Set Up

On Final Release we help the Client get the App(s) installed and uploaded to the Appropriate App stores. Web Apps we will install on correct server or cloud service(s).

Free 7 Day Trial

Try Development as a Subscription for Free!

Why Development as a Subscription?

Development as a Subscription offers you a lot of flexibility in getting your app done by also giving you a low cost to complete. Because development is done on a subscription service MyAppBuilder can offer development at a fraction of the cost. Development as a Subscription is all inclusive and includes a Dedicated  Project Manager, Developer, Designer, Data Entry and Quality Assurance.

The Development process is very simple

  • Email, Chat or Talk about task with Project Manager
  • Project Manager Submits Project Item to be done and communicates with the required team member to compete
  • Project Manager communicates progress, gets feedback and continues to complete task.

This development process is done over and over until app is complete.

Free 7 Day Trial

Try Development as a Subscription for Free!

Your App, Our Passion!

"I have overseen hundreds of Apps/Projects. Having the right strategy, philosophy and road map often times will be the difference between success and failure. I offer a free consultation to anyone looking to launch a new project or needing help with a pre-existing project! @MyAppBuilder. "

Development as a Subscription

All inclusive Project Management, Design, Development, Data Entry, Quality Assurance included with Development as a Subscription Service. Our goal is to help you get your project done as simple as sending an email.


Our developers are Ninjas, Gurus, Rock-Stars when it comes to developing a project. We only work on projects that we know and understand the technology and programming languages to make it a success.
Some of the languages and technologies we have worked with: iOS, Android, Objective C, Swift, xCode, Java, C++, Ruby, Rails, PHP, SQL (SQLite,MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server), Python, .NET, Javascript, CSS, Unity 3D, Corona SDK (2D Games).

Get Your App Done!

MyAppBuilder has developed hundreds of Apps across almost every category and genre on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We have developed Book Apps, Reference, Music, Medical Apps, 2D Games, 3D Games, eReaders. In addition we have done HTML5 Apps that are cross platform working on iOS, Android and the Web.

Project Done!

Having done hundreds of apps we have discovered the art & science of getting your app done. Doing so takes discipline and following the right philosophies and paths. A few of the mantras that we live by:
"Measure Twice, Cut Once", "Done is better than perfect", "Early and often communication", "Release software (apps) early and release software (apps) often".
As you join us on your quest to having your project completed you will see why we believe in these mantras and live by them. The success of completing your project is dependent on them.

Our Code for Coding!

Great Programmers are great at being "Available" the key to this is readily available on SKYPE, FaceBook, Hangouts, WhatsApp or Other Instant Messaging Programs. Ready To Communication. While the Hours are not as important and consistently being available online at least 8-10 hours a day M-F.
Great programmers never accept things “as is”; they need to poke deep inside something, even when it appears to be working fine, to learn more. This is how many problems are solved before they are problems, and it’s usually the quickest way to fix acute issues. A programmer without this mentality will usually end up lacking the knowledge underlying why they are doing what they are doing, which means they’re working with blinders on.
Clear Thinking Skills
It may sound obvious, but programming is an exercise in logic. People who can add 2 and 2 to get 4 are common, but people who can take “2 + x = 4″ and figure out that “x” is equal to 2 are much less common. MyAppBuilder programmers have strong math and/or science backgrounds. It makes them a bit better at programming, but more important, it generally indicates good logic skills.
Attention to Detail
Attention to detail is a close cousin to curiosity. A programmer who pays attention to detail will be significantly more productive than one who doesn’t, all else being equal.
Passion is a “make or break” during crunch time or on a project that requires tricky techniques, rare skills, and so on. Developers must be passionate about programming. We also ask Developer to take on Apps/Projects that they can be passionate about!
The scope or work within an App is constantly changing. Developer is able to be adaptable to the changes as well as offer solutions to help with the change!

Mobile Design Principals

Think from the Top Down.
Make Usage Easy and Obvious
Focus on the Primary Task
Slide Image
Use UI Elements Consistently
Give People a Logical Path to Follow.
Elevate the Content that People Care About

Ninja Skills!

Some of the Languages, Platforms and Technologies we work with

Screenshots showcase

A few apps that we have done