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Cross Platform Car Dealer App for Car Sales

MyAppBuilder has created intuitive and easy to use Car Dealership App. We release the app as Open Source and give our customers full access to the app and service. We know that each dealership has their own specific needs on implementing the Car Dealer App. MyAppBuilder approach allows customers to customize and create their own Car Dealer App if they need or by default they can use our easy to use iOS, Android and WebApp.

Quickly add in Car Details into the Application! Supports Year, Make, Model, Color and standard listing features. Add Multiple Images and Multiple contacts.
Car Dealer App has standard features to creating a successful mobile app for Car Dealerships. Including but not limited to: Inventory, Year, Make, Model, Condition, Multimedia support (Images, Videos), Social Sharing, Search, Description, VIN, CarFax integration.
Vehicle Listings are Simple to Follow allowing for Potential buyers to quickly see vehicle inventory in a simple and intuitive manner with contact information easily at their finger tips.
App can be used as a Standalone Car Classifieds or be Used by a Dealership to support multiple Car Dealerships and Car Lots.
Content locker provides ability to engage with buyer to provide contact information and other designated information before releasing additional content to the buyer. How it works: Potential buyer fills out a form or sends a text message to number. When the information is received from the Buyer it then releases the content the buyer is seeking.
From the Front Page to Individual Articles we make reading content and accessing related and additional content easy. App is designed to engage users so they can easily share content via Social Media.

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