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Support Questions

What Technologies, Platforms, Languages Does MyAppBuilder Support?
We support most common Technologies, Platforms and Programming Languages. Below is a list of ones that we commonly work with: iOS (Swift, Objective-C, xCode), Android (Java, C (core), C++), Ruby (Rails), PHP, Corona SDK (2D Games), Unity 3D (3D Games), HTML 5, JS, Node.js, CSS, AWS, Digital Ocean, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Linux, Wordpress, SQL Server, VOIP (Twilio, Plivo), Facebook (Facebook Apps, API), Twitter API, SQL (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle), Python, Perl, ASP, ASP.net If it is not on the list just ask. We are networked if we can't support it we can direct you to someone that can.
What Support is Available?
Development as a Subscription we offer email and chat support. Higher level support may be purchased such as On Demand support as well as voice and video conferencing.
How Long Does It Takes To Get Updates and Receive Feedback?
Most support request we get back to the client within 24 hours. We operate on a measure twice cut once, so if we need clarification or additional expertise it may take up to 3 business days. However, we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours during the business hours. Development as a Subscription Support is not available during Sundays and holidays.

Development as a Subscription Questions

Can I do more than 1 Project at a Time?
Yes. However you will need to add at least 1 additional hour to the subscription for each additional project/domain/app.
Can I change my subscription plan?
Yes. Subscription plans may be changed month to month. You can easily upgrade or downgrade Development as a Subscription plan. (We do require 7 day notice for downgrade of accounts).
How does the Daily Subscription Hour(s) Work?
Simple Answer: We simplify the app/project dividing up the design, code and logic. We then simplify each area by focusing on individual task that needs to be done for it's respective area. When development team receives the queue to work on project they will work up to the amount of the daily subscription hours. Technical Answer: For optimal results on getting your Project done faster we break down the project into small chunks. Most of the frameworks we work in work in a MVC (Model, Viewer, Controller). By separating the Design, Logic and Code it allows us to break down the app into small chunks. Our goal is to do a lot of software releases quickly to show changes done and improve communication and efficiency. There is several things that can effect getting the most out of a clients subscription hours. Including but not limited to: Client Communication, Available Expertise for Project, Development Bottlenecks, Lack of Documentation or Design, Availability of Tools, Third Party (Plugins, Code, Etc). The Subscription hours is not a guarantee of the monthly total hours being met or the daily subscription hour(s) being fulfilled and are subject to availability and change.
Does Development as Subscription Pre-Existing Apps/Projects?
Yes. As long as we have the expertise to support the app/project the subscription covers pre-existing apps/projects.
What Apps/Projects does the Development as a Subscription Cover?
Development as a Subscription covers all the Technologies, Platforms and Languages that MyAppBuilder supports under the Support Questions FAQ. Subscription in general will cover Mobiles Apps, Websites, Dynamic Pages, Wordpress and other CMS, Third Party Platforms and Software.
Does the Development as a Subscription Include Bug Fixes?
Yes. As long as their is an active Subscription account for the App/Project it will include bug fixes as part of the subscription.
Will My App/Project still work if I cancel my Subscription?
Yes. The app/project may be dependent on paid services like hosting, content, plugins etc. But an active subscription to MyAppBuilder is not necessary for the App/Project to work. Please note: We only provide support and code to active Subscriptions. So you will need an active subscription for code and support. Most clients usually need several months of support after the app has been released and downgrade to the 1 Daily hour plan.
How does the hours work with Project Manger, Developer, Designer, Data Entry and QA?
The cumulative collaboration between Project Manger, Developer, Designer, Data Entry and Quality Assurance is part of the "up to 20 hours a month" subscription plan. e.g. My Widget Projects Total for Jan 11 Hours Developer 4 Hours Design 2 Hours Project Management 1 Hour Data Entry 2 Hours Quality Assurance Total: 20 Hours total of Development

App Questions

Do I need a Apple App Store and/or Developer Google Play Store Account?
Yes. If you want to develop and release iOS apps you will need an Apple Developer account to submit app to. Android apps may be released as an APK (not recommended unless for intranets or extranets) a Developer Google Play Store account will be required.
Does MyAppBuilder Submit and Upload Apps to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store
Yes. We can submit the App to the respective stores. We will need access to the account and the app details, including Title, Subscription and other meta details.
Can the App be a Paid App?
Yes. The App can be set up as a paid app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Can the App be released for Free?
Yes. The App can be set up as a free app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Can I set up the App to handle In App Purchases?
Yes. The App can be set up to support In App Purchase (paid upgrade to App Features/Content) for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Reseller Questions

Can I resell the MyAppBuilder Development as a Subscription?
Yes. Each Client/Company/App or Project must be use divided into their own subscription hour(s). e.g. If you have 10 clients using the MyAppBuilder Development as a Subscription then each client would at least need to sign up for 1 Daily Subscription Hour or a total of 10 Daily Subscription hours a month.
Is a White Label Possible?
Yes. We provide the support as a basic support team response. You will need to act as an intermediary between MyAppBuilder and your Client. You will bill, manage expectations and will need to provide additional client interactions. Our direct support for Project Management and Tech Support will be available through our Vanilla White Labeled collaboration software. Our collaboration software and white label will allow you to have your clients receive project management and tech support while appearing to be from a general and generic source.

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