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With the advent of Smart Phone and Mobile devices we are on the Frontier of eMedicine and Tele-Medicine. Businesses, Clinics, Doctors that use these new technologies to implement healthcare solutions will have an advantage in providing better quality care as well as ability to help more people. We look forward to working with professionals on being in the forefront of Medicine.
Apps designed to help in healthcare management. Wide range of apps available from Tele-Medicine, In-Take Forms, End to End Patient Care.
Apps designed for Family Practice and the Needs of individual Doctors and Specialist.
Apps designed around Emergency Services and Patient Care.
End to End encryption available assisting in making sure that Client records are safe and viewed only by authorized users.

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Professional Medical Services
Medical services can use Mobile Phone Apps and Technology to assist in their practice as well as streamline patient care while having the ability to help more people.
Patient Care
Key component to eMedicine and Tele-Medicine is patient care, patient education and patient communication improving with technology. Patients can securely access important medical information given to them from their Doctor or Medical Provider. Through Tele-Medicine patients can have more choices on which Doctors available to help with their medical plan and treatment.
Through the Advent of technology Doctors, Clinics and Medical Professionals can now have the ability to practice Tele-Medicine. When appropriate this provides the patient to have check-in, consultations and follow ups with their medical practice from their own home or a designated remote medical clinic. Saving both Medical Professional and the patient both time and resources.
Outside the Box
MyAppBuilders passion is to help humanity through the advancement of technology. We love to work on projects that are outside the box thinking that uses technology to help those in need. We offer a free consultation for App Development and implementing new technologies.

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