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Cross Platform News App

App front page packs a lot of easy to access content directly in the Front Page.
News App has Standard features including: Change Font Size,Book Mark, Support Images and Multimedia (Plays Audio & Video Files), Social Integration, Meta Tags, Tags,Custom Fields and Content divided into Sections and Articles.
Intuitive design makes it easy to read articles within the app. We also provide tools that brings additional content and tools around the article.
Following traditional newspapers we make it easy to have multiple newspaper sections. News is divided into categories, provide your readers with multiple headlines in each category.
App supports user management and subscription based controls to access for content. You can easily charge a user via in-app purchase. Also supports free subscriptions requiring a user to register to get access to the content.
From the Front Page to Individual Articles we make reading content and accessing related and additional content easy. App is designed to engage users so they can easily share content via Social Media.

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