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Cross Platform Real Estate App For Agents & Brokers!

MyAppBuilder has created intuitive and easy to use Real Estate App. We release the app as Open Source and give our customers full access to the app and service. We know that each Real Estate Brokerage/Agent has their own specific needs on implementing a real estate app.

Quickly add Real Estate Details into the Application! Add Multiple Images and Multiple contacts. Provide details about the property as well as the area surrounding the property.
Real Estate App has standard features for publishing Real Estate Info.
Listings are Simple to Follow allowing for Potential Clients to quickly see property listings in a simple and intuitive manner with contact information easily at their finger tips. No Clumsy or Bulky menus to deal with. Content gets straight to the point!
Add Multiple Agents and Brokers into a Single App. App supports adding each agent or broker as it's own individual app. Great way to organize by Brokers and Agents!
Provide additional content and information to prospective buyers by having a content locker that releases the information when the buyer provides contact info or any action that you want to release the content under.
From the Front Page to Individual Articles we make reading content and accessing related and additional content easy. App is designed to engage users so they can easily share content via Social Media.

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