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SEO & Digital Marketing

Build an App, Boost Your SEO!

We originally started doing SEO in 1999. As the internet evolved we did to. We have created websites that have had millions of views and helped companies achieve search rankings consistently in the top 3 under competitive results. We helped these multi-million dollar companies double there business every two years.
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If done right, a by product of launching an App is an increase in Search Rankings. Apps provide additional channels and avenues to acquire new users. Search Rankings can increase with App Engagement, App Buzz and App Aggregation. As the saying goes "All Roads to Lead To Rome", the same is true in digital marketing.
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We built Apps and created eBooks that have gotten millions of downloads! We have had apps that have been in the top 30 for free downloads. We have witnessed the awesome power of having a creative process backed upon the right idea built upon a solid app.
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SEO Boost

Different Marketing Channels when Releasing an App

App Store

Review Sites

Press Release


Social Media

A mobile App should be part of your marketing plan

In SEO great Content has traditionally been King. However another important aspect is contributing value and content to marketing channels off the beaten path. Creating a well done iOS and/or Android App can increase your marketing reach both within Search Engines and Social Media sites.
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Your Seo Score?

Is Obsolete. The metrics across one single category do not give enough big picture info. SEO 2.0 is about cross marketing, focusing on platforms and engagement within Social Media.