Medical Apps

Medical App


Medical App is a top-tier medical app and website with 7 specialized layouts, including Laboratory, Skin Surgery, Clinic, Dentist, Weight Loss, Ophthalmology, plus a Landing version. Fully responsive design, ensures an excellent viewing experience on all devices.

Medical App is perfect for various medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, dental offices, plastic surgery centers, ophthalmology clinics, and more. Whether you’re a dermatologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, or specialize in treatments like cryotherapy, laser treatments, or skin surgeries.

Key features include a timetable for doctors, booking forms, two gallery styles, and customizable color schemes to fit your brand. Save time and money with Medical App and elevate your medical website’s look and functionality.


Cross Platform App Available for

  • Websites
  • iOS/iPhone Apple App Store
  • Android / Google Play Store