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News Paper App is a cross platform app for a myriad of publishing needs. Whether you’re running an online magazine, newspaper, video blog, or review site, this theme seamlessly adapts. Crafted with innovative magazine layouts and an array of post formats, it caters to diverse content, including videos and featured articles. With support for RTL, offset posts, and both dark and high-contrast skins, it offers optimal readability for all users.

Ideal for:

  • Magazines and editorials across various niches such as sports, cuisine, travel, fashion, health, technology, politics, marketing, lifestyle, gaming, and military.
  • Personal or video blogs aiming for a sophisticated look.
  • E-commerce platforms, including shops and stores, bolstered by its seamless WooCommerce integration.


Cross Platform App Available for

  • Websites
  • iOS/iPhone Apple App Store
  • Android / Google Play Store