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MyAppBuilder uses PhoneGap framework which allows you to create apps using standardized web API's for the platforms you care about. Easily create apps using the web technologies you know and love: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

MyAppBuilder SDK
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Authors & Publishers

Bring in a new audience of readers. Enhance the reading the experience by bringing in unique app features for your plublication!

MyAppBuilder - App/Service

Real Estate

Mobile friendly design, easily present your listings in our Easy to use App!

Car Dealerships

Mobile friendly design allows potential customers to see your car inventory. Our awesome API allows you to easily import your listings into the app!

Shopping Cart

Bring your store into an aasy to use app. Mobile friendly design makes it easy for customers to shop from the app! Import your product listings with our powerful API!

Send Invoices

Fast way to Create Invoices, Easy way to get Paid. Generate invoices by choosing

MyAppBuilder - App/Service

Digital Goods

Sell and deliver digital goods.


Book clients. Store prefences on hair styles and products. Clients can checkout right on the app!


Create Reservations. Provide menu on the App. Patrons can pay for meal right on the app!

MyAppBuilder - App/Service


Share tour dates, music, videos and events! Get new followers and fans intergrating Social Media.


For both Leagues and Teams. Leagues can Create schedules, update scores and allow user registration. Teams can post practice schedules, team updates and team management!


Post new stories and blogs! Gain new followers and get more Total Shares on articles/blogs published!

MyAppBuilder - App/Service


Ticket Management & Inventory. Sell Tickets and Promote Events!


Raise awarness and funds! Directly recieve donations and new followers as you update them on your current misssion!


Share the good word with an App!

Car Dealerships

Mobile friendly design allows potential customers to see your car inventory. Our awesome API allows you to easily import your listings into the app!

Every App you can implement these features

App Wall
File Storage

How The App Works

1. MyAppBuilder Organizes Into Buttons and Modules Underneath the Buttons. The Home Screen Loads the Chosen Buttons
2. MyAppBuilder has CRM and Ability to Optionally have App Users Register or Login To Access App Content
3. Under Each Button there is different Modules. Loads Different Modules available
4. Example of App Content. Content is loaded up from XML file and Images, Video, Audio and Media Files are Streamed
5. Optional App Wall that Can be integrated into the App and the App can have several app walls for different sections.

How to Create App !

Make changes directly in the App

How to get started Creating Apps

Macbook Air Corpress


You will need a account to make changes to the app. Join

Download From App Store

Download from AppStore

You can make changes to pre-existing template apps directly in the app. Most of these can be done on the demo app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To get started just download the app from the app store by clicking on the AppStore buttons similar to below.

Latest Standards

Login To App

Login to the App with your MyAppBuilder Username and Password. Login Button is under the Menu Icon. Menu Icon is typically in the (top corner) Right or Left Hand Corner of the App.

Plenty of Options

Front End Builder

Once logged in you can make changes directly in the Front End. See the changes as you make them. Changes are saved to your MyAppBuilder Profile for that app. Learn More About Front End Builder.

Easier Conversion

Download Source Code

NoticeThis step is for advance users who are familiar with coding and programming. We recommend our managed services going forward if you are not famiiar with computer code and terminology.

Endless Possibilities

Deploy App using Developer Tools

NoticeDeploying code and working with IDE (integrated development environment) is for users that are comfortable working with code and userstand development evnviroments. We recommend a managed plan to help with deploying apps and submitting to app stores.


Easily Customize and intergrate into your App!



Customize your App with our extensive API's.

May, 2014

DIY (Do It Yourself)

(No Support) Monthly
5 Apps App Type: Web App (Only) 50 Downloads 2 GB Storage 50 Users/Subscribers 1,000 Emails SMS 100 No Support OTA App Demo: 0 Upload to App Store(s): NA UI/Design Changes: NA Code Changes: NA

Small Biz

$ 29
00 Monthly
5 Apps App Type: 500 Downloads 10 GB Storage 100 Users/Subscribers 10,000 Emails SMS 500 Email. 1-2 Biz Days OTA App Demo: 1 Upload To App Store(s): 1 UI/Design Changes: 2 Hours Code Changes: 1 Hour

Medium Biz

$ 49
00 Monthly
10 Apps App Type: 10,000 Downloads 50 GB Storage 500 Users/Subscribers 30,000 Emails SMS 1,500 Chat, Email (1 Biz Day) OTA App Demo: 3 Upload to App Store(s): 3 UI/Design Changes: 4 Hours Code Changes: 3 Hours

Big Biz

$ 79
00 Monthly
Unlimited Apps App Type: Unlimited Downloads 100 GB Storage 1,000 Users/Subscribers 50,000 Emails SMS 3,000 Chat,Email Same Biz Day OTA App Demo: 6 Upload to App Store(s): 6 UI/Design Changes: 8 Hours Code Changes: 6 Hours

Free vs Paid:

All apps are available to be used for free without a monthly subscription. Free Apps have limitations on premium features. Free plans include no support or management. (Some apps may require a one time royalty free license for code or design)

Why Choose a Paid Plan?

Let us do the hard work for you! Over years of experience we help our clients just get their apps live and on app stores. Our clients want to focus on their business and have us manage the code, design and support that goes into app development. is a managed App Platform that offers software as a service & development as a service.

Definitions of Services:

Paid Plans include these services provided:

  • Over The Air Demo's (App Demo's Emailed to You that you can install direclty on your mobile device)
  • Apps Submitted to App Store (Apple App Store, Google Play)
  • Code Changes: Development, Logic and Code Additions, Modifictions done to a requested app
  • UI/Design Changes: User Interface, CSS, HTML and Graphic Changes done to a requested app

Managed Service:

We have been developing Apps since 2008, while the tools and interfaces have improved in creating an app, it can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Some of the skills required to develop:

  • Work with xCode for iOS or Android SDK
  • Do Code or Design Changes to iOS or Android
  • Create certificates to demo app or to have app live on app store
  • Build and make changes in the SDK's
  • Submit an App to Apple App Store or Google Play

These services are all included in our Paid Plans.

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