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Create Cross Platform Apps with MyAppBuilder

Made by professionals, with care and attention to details. Each piece has its place — for a reason. All starts with a need:


Have MyAppBuilder Develop your App!

MyAppBuilder offers a low cost monthly subscripton (low as $29) to have a dedicated project manager, developer, graphic artist and quality assurance build your app for you! A One Year commitment is required

What We Do!

Development Process

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

We have developed hundreds of iOS Apps. We have been developing since with iOS since 2008 and have had iOS Apps in the Top 30 overall in download charts as well as top ranking app in specific categories.


We have developed hundreds of Android apps. We have created many types of apps on Android inclduding: Games (2D & 3D), Utilites, Books, Medical, Reference, Lifestyle,Fitness,Health.


We have created hundreds of HTML5 websites and apps. The benefit of using HTML5 is the ability to use as cross platform. We are confident in web development lagnuages including: PHP,Ruby on Rails, ASP, .NET.

Subscription Includes

Project Manager

Project Manager with good understanding of the technical requirements needed to get your app done. Project manager will coordinate with Clients, Developer,Account Manager,Quality Assurance, Designers to make sure that project is going as needed!


Experienced Developer(s) will be assigned to your project. Developer will communicate with Project Manager and bring in any direct communication with client when needed.


Dedicated Account Manager to help assist in coordinating project.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is provided with every project. We go through finding bugs and making sure quality is there as needed.

Wire Frames/Flow Charts

When project starts we send wireframes and flow of the app to the client to clarify and confirm flow and scope of the project.

Template Design

Development packages are geared for development first and design second. We use template design to help streamline the development process and give client a well agreed to design and form they are expecting.

Bug Fixes

We offer free bug fixes for all active subscribers.

Royalty Free

MyAppBuilder Provides a Royalty Free License for Apps, Templates and Design that MyAppBuilder has created.(Other libraries and code may have their own licensing requirments)

Source Code

On Final Release we provide the client with Full copyright to the client and when applicable Royalty Free licensed code.

Easy to Install App Demo

We send App Demos that client can easily install on their device or can easily run in a browser.


We do a beta release, after the client approves the beta release we do a final release. To help sreamline and provide direct results we offer clients up to two (2) revisions for each release.

Installed and Set Up

On Final Release we help the Client get the App(s) installed and uploaded to the Appropriate App stores. Web Apps we will install on correct server or cloud service(s).

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Our Design Principals

  • Use of Screen Space

    Think Top Down

  • Intuitive

    Make Usage Easy and Obvious

  • Function

    Focus on the Primary Task

Our Strong Points Ipad
  • User Interface

    Use UI Elements Consistently

  • Navigation

    Give People a Logical Path to Follow.

  • Form

    Elevate the Content that People Care About

Sign Up with Confidence! Apps/Services for $29 a Month

MyAppBuilder has built over a thousand apps. We have iOS, Android, HTML5 app templates making rapid app development faster. This saves you both time and money. MyAppBuilder apps are provided open source and a Royalty Free License.

Sign up for $29 a month plan if your app requirements fits the criteria below. If the requirments are beyond the scope of a $29 a month plan we will let you know.

Small Websites (2-10 Pages)

If you need a small website built that is between 2-10 web pages this is the right package for you.

Single Page Marketing Site

Single Page marketing website also known as Squeeze Pages or App Pages.


We have converted hundreds of books into digital formats including epub, pdf, mobi. We have created and managed epublications to Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, Google Books, B&N as well as independant publishing platforms. We can help you get your ebook converted, formated and distributed.

Authors & Publishers

Bring in a new audience of readers. Enhance the reading the experience by bringing in unique app features for your plublication!

Real Estate

Mobile friendly design, easily present your listings in our Easy to use App!

Car Dealerships

Mobile friendly design allows potential customers to see your car inventory. Our awesome API allows you to easily import your listings into the app!

Shopping Cart

Bring your store into an aasy to use app. Mobile friendly design makes it easy for customers to shop from the app! Import your product listings with our powerful API!

Send Invoices

Fast way to Create Invoices, Easy way to get Paid. Generate invoices by choosing

MyAppBuilder - App/Service

Digital Goods

Sell and deliver digital goods.


Book clients. Store prefences on hair styles and products. Clients can checkout right on the app!


Create Reservations. Provide menu on the App. Patrons can pay for meal right on the app!

MyAppBuilder - App/Service


Share tour dates, music, videos and events! Get new followers and fans intergrating Social Media.


For both Leagues and Teams. Leagues can Create schedules, update scores and allow user registration. Teams can post practice schedules, team updates and team management!


Post new stories and blogs! Gain new followers and get more Total Shares on articles/blogs published!

MyAppBuilder - App/Service


Ticket Management & Inventory. Sell Tickets and Promote Events!


Raise awarness and funds! Directly recieve donations and new followers as you update them on your current misssion!


Share the good word with an App!

File Sharing App

Need to create a custom file sharing app for a company or team. Our File Sharing app is customizable and can be set up to work as you need!

Projects we have done

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$ 29
00 Monthly
Build For Me: 1 App Platforms: Monthly Hours
3 Hours a Month
Yearly Hours
36 Hours a Year
Hourly Services Includes
Code Data Design
Tech Support
Form Builder
Send/Create Invoices
Cross Platform Development
App Templates
Game Development

Small Biz

$ 49
00 Monthly
Build For Me: 3 App Platforms: Monthly Hours
6 Hours a Month
Yearly Hours
72 Hours a Year
Hourly Services Includes
Code Data Design
Tech Support
Form Builder
Send/Create Invoices
Cross Platform Development
App Templates
Game Development

Medium Biz

$ 79
00 Monthly
Build For Me: 7 Apps Platforms: Monthly Hours
9 Hours a Month
Yearly Hours
108 Hours a Year
Hourly Services Includes
Code Data Design
Tech Support
Form Builder
Send/Create Invoices
Cross Platform Development
App Templates
Game Development

Big Biz

$ 99
00 Monthly
Build For Me: Unlimited Apps Platforms: Monthly Hours
12 Hours a Month
Yearly Hours
144 Hours a Year
Hourly Services Includes
Code Data Design
Tech Support
Form Builder
Send/Create Invoices
Cross Platform Development
App Templates
Game Development

30 Day Free Trial

For 30 Days try one of our monthly subscribtions for free! Your satisfaction is a top priority to us! If you find our product or service unsatisfactory, simply cancel your account.

Why Choose Biz or Biz Pro?

Biz or Biz Pro you get more licensed apps to release and more users/subscribers added to the apps. In Biz Pro you can do unlimited apps and unlimited subscribers.

Form Builder & Invoices

  • Form Builder allows you to easily create custom forms that can be intergrated into apps or websites. Forms are easy to use and can define many different form field types.
  • Our Invoice Generator allows you to create, send and track invoices sent to clients. Easy way to get paid, invoices are PCI compliant and works with Stripe, Paypal and Authorize.net

Tech Support:

We have been developing Apps since 2008, while the tools and interfaces have improved in creating an app, it can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Some of the skills required to develop:

  • Tech Support is well versed in xCode for iOS or Android SDK
  • Biz & Biz Pro plans can chat directly with Tech Support
Price does not include third party plugins, graphics and themes. After 90 days of hour requirments met for project, client can change subscription to a hosting only plan for $9 a month.
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0 Hours of Design Yearly
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